schedules of dilapidations

When the tenancy is to come to an end, attention will focus on the condition of the building, and any dilapidations issues which might exist. This can be the starting point for a dilapidations dispute between the landlord and tenant.

However the adoption of an agreed dilapidations procedure can help reduce the prospects of disputes. The type of schedules of dilapidations that can be adopted in this process include an interim schedule served during the term of the lease, giving the tenant the opportunity to remedy any breaches before outstanding works escalate; a terminal schedule served before the end of the lease & a final schedule served at the end of the lease.

We can negotiate on behalf of either the landlord or the tenant in Schedules of Dilapidations matters.

To provide a prospective client with a fee quotation for a Schedule on a commercial or going concern premises, we request the full address of the property and we will get back to you with a quotation - contact us.